Roulette Royale with a £60,000+ Jackpot

Roulette Royale, from the publisher Microgaming, is an online Roulette with a unique feature. You play the game just like Roulette, but each round gives you a bet on the Jackpot Box.

The Roulette Royale jackpot pot starts at a huge £60,000! Then, as long as no one wins it, the value just keeps on increasing. With each win, the value of the pot resets to £60,000. Bets on the jackpot box help increase the progressive jackpot in play, often pushing the value above £250,000. A jackpot of this level at a Roulette table is not something you see every day!

Roulette Royale by Microgaming

Bet on the Roulette Royale Jackpot Box

Trying to hit the Roulette Royale jackpot costs one credit per spin. However, you must land the bet five times in a row to win the jackpot. Aside from these bets, you can also place bets on the game table. But, winning the Roulette Royale jackpot is no easy task! The number you bet on must come out five times in a row for you to win.

Winning on the Jackpot Box

You win Roulette Royales first prize if the bet number comes up five times in a row. If the number you choose only comes out once, it pays nothing. The trick of betting on the same number at the game table ensures a win of 35 times the stake. You won’t be disappointed if the number bet only comes out once by opting for this double bet.

Payments on the Jackpot Box

The bet on the Roulette Royale Jackpot Box pays off if the chosen you roll your number at least twice in a row. In fact, it pays credits as long as there are 2 to 4 consecutive wins, but you only score first prize when there are five winning bets.

2 winning bets = 15 credits paid out
3 winning bets = 200 credits paid out
4 winning bets = 3000 credits paid out
5 winning bets = YOU WIN THE JACKPOT
Bet at the gaming table and win the jackpot

Casino Bonuses with Roulette Royale

There are some reputable UK casinos where you can play Roulette Royale online. UK Casino Club is a great choice! This site brings together games from the publisher Microgaming. The UK Casino Club site has been one of the most reliable online casinos in England since opening in 2000. This top-notch virtual casino complies with all the rules imposed by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission. Other UK sites, like Casino Action and Villento Casino, are also worth mentioning. Both of these online casinos, like UK Casino Club, have welcome bonus programs playable on the Roulette Royale game.


This online UK casino is an icon! UK Casino Club is a top-rated Roulette site for table games enthusiasts in England. In addition, whether you’re into Roulette or online slots, this casino is compatible with all web browsers. From iPhones to Androids, your experience will be glitch-free.


This online casino gaming site is one of the most loved on the web. You can find Roulette Royale here, as well as slots with giant progressive jackpots up for grabs. Casino Action features a series of progressive Mega Moolah slots from the #1 provider Microgaming. The casino has several versions of Roulette in their catalog, including live dealer games.


This is a truly global casino gaming web platform. Villento Casino is a web address with an excellent reputation in England. Loved by fans of classic games, players looking for online slot machines also visit Villento.

Chances of hitting the Roulette Royale jackpot

The odds of winning Roulette Royales progressive jackpot are 1 in 1,874,161, similar to progressive slots. So if you’ve ever wagered on a WowPot slot machine, a game that pays big jackpots, Roulette Royale could be for you! However, Roulette Royale doesn’t suit those looking for the biggest jackpots. Frankly, this game is not as attractive as progressive slot machines.

A creation by Microgaming

Roulette Royale is a realisation of the Microgaming group. The group is considered the King of the online progressive jackpot slot machines.

The best thing about casinos linked to Microgaming is that it’s not all about slots! The supplier is also an outstanding creator of table games.

Roulette Royale RTP rate

The return to player rate of the Roulette Royale game is approximately 83%. Compared to regular Roulette, it’s a low payout rate. Even though table bets offer the same odds of winning as on single Zero Roulette (RTP of 97.3%), the play rate lowers due to bets on the jackpot slot. In short, it shows that Roulette Royale doesn’t pay out its jackpot easily.

Know the rules of Roulette

If you’ve never played Roulette, it’s essential to know the rules of the game before you bet for real. These rules are easy to learn, but it is still good to read up on them first. An excellent way to practice risk-free is to register at an online casino and play their demo versions. One thing to know, for example, is that American Roulette pays less than the European version. Be careful! There are no foolproof techniques guaranteed to beat the casino.

The Zero box gives the gambling house an advantage

Roulettes all have a zero square, but the American version has an additional double zero. These green boxes on the 36-number wheels favour the gambling houses. Without these boxes, Roulette would have a 100% payout rate. Is there a 36 number wheel without a zero space? Yes, but not with the real money versions. Roulette games without the zero square feature on free play platforms in demo mode. However, if you’re looking for the Roulette wheel that favours players the most, then bet on the English and French wheels. These two wheels, playable at a few English websites, pay off losing bets (on single odds) by half when zero is the winning square (ref.

Origins of Roulette Royale

Since launching in 2002, this Microgaming game has become a classic. Roulette Royale is modelled on the European version of Roulette. Apart from betting on the Jackpot Box, the game functions in the same way. The payout rate comes in at 97.3% and applies to all British casinos featuring Roulette Royale. Considering the best-paying slots in terms of volumes are programmed with payout rates of 90%, Roulette is a good game to bet on. However, this doesn’t mean that playing Roulette guarantees winnings. Indeed, the gambling house always has a margin to its advantage.