Sisters of Oz WowPot Slot Machine – Bets of £300 per Spin

The Sisters of Oz game, from the WowPot series, has the best betting options to win the saga’s common jackpot. There is over a whopping 2 million pounds ready to be won.

The slot machine offers you the choice to bet up to £300 per spin. This is the highest betting value possible on any of the slots in the series. In addition to winning millions on the Sisters of Oz WowPot bonus wheel, the game has 20 pay lines. During free spin sequences, a multiplier doubles the winnings.

Play online on the Sisters of Oz WowPot

You won’t find Sisters of Oz WowPot on all British casino sites. According to most online casino testers, the best slots sites to play Sisters of Oz are and casinos. You can find all the WowPot titles at these two casinos.

Benefits of £300 max bets

By making max bets on Sisters of Oz WowPot, you increase the odds of winning the jackpot of over 2 million. Just like on the other WowPot slots in the series, betting big is the best strategy to try and win the 1st prize of the bonus wheel. Added to that, each round can win 720x the bet. With a winning bet of £300, that’s a fixed jackpot of £216,000.

Random number generator

The Sisters of Oz online slot machine generator favors high bets with every bet. Indeed, unlike classic slot machines, WowPot games have a mechanism that increases the chances of winning the jackpot when the bets are high.

You can still win hundreds of pounds by making only small bets on a WowPot slot machine, but, you should not expect to win the millions.

Sisters of Oz WowPot VS Mega Moolah Games

Mega Moolah and WowPot series of slot machines have the biggest jackpots on the Internet. In each series, there is a slot machine with extra high betting options.

On the WowPot titles, Sisters of Oz takes 1st place with bets of £300 per spin.

In the Mega Moolah series, the Atlantean Treasures slot machine has max bets of £200 per spin.

Both the Sisters of Oz WowPot and Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah slots come from studios affiliated with Microgaming. Building on their strengths in game developments, the leaders of Microgaming teamed up with third-party companies that are among the most talented in the online gambling sector.

Sisters of OzAtlantean Treasures
RTP rate of 92.00%RTP rate of 92.08%
Payment frequency of 28%Payment frequency of 22%
Max bets of £300Max bets of £200
Base win: 720x the betBase win: 500x the bet
2M+ jackpot1M+ jackpot
Created byNeon Valley Studios
Compared to the Mega Moolah Atlantean Treasures game, Sisters of Oz WowPot offers better odds of winning the jackpot. However, the two slot machines are still benchmark games. There is no better for players ready to bet big to win millions. Nonetheless, never bet more than you can afford to lose. Just because you’re willing to use high betting tricks doesn’t guarantee you’ll win every time. As with all slot machines, it’s all down to luck.

Jackpots won on Sisters of Oz

Many players have landed jackpots of over £50,000 on the Major segments of the Sisters of Oz WowPot bonus wheel.
Who are the winners? British and New Zealanders won the majority of prize pools. As seen here on an Online Casinos NZ guide, Sister of Oz stands out as the most glitzy WowPot game in the series.

There have yet to be any big winners from the WowPot segment (2+ million) on the Sisters of Oz slot. However, it’s a safe bet that record wins will be popping up soon as this game keeps attracting more and more high-rollers!

Regarding the biggest jackpots won on the other WowPot slot machines, three record wins have taken place:
Record WowPot wins
1. April 2021£15,183,085
2. August 2021€3,988,637
3. April 2021€2,025,388
Players won these three crazy jackpots on three different slot machines from the WowPot series.

Sisters of Oz WowPot winners
Want to know more about the most impressive WowPot victories? Go to the WowPot Slots Casino guide! You’ll find the latest WowPot News, as well as wins worthy of the Guinness World Records.


Sisters of Oz is the most profitable slot in the WowPot saga to win big. With bets of £300 per spin, the bonus wheel triggers frequently, and the chances of winning the jackpot increase. All in all, the Sisters of Oz WowPot game is loved by players willing to bet big. However, nothing prevents you from trying your luck with smaller bets of £2 to £10 per round. Indeed, if it is your lucky day, anything can happen.