Video Roulette VS Traditional Roulette – Trends

Why do land casino operators love Video Roulette? Because it’s another way to boost earnings. Traditional Roulette is becoming less and less popular, so casinos are replacing it with Video Roulette machines.

According to lovers of the 36-number wheel, playing Video Roulette ruins all the fun of the game. Reality being what it is, fans of the casino wheel have no other choice than to roll with it. On the other hand, on the Internet, live Roulette with real dealers is a growing trend. Gambling lovers can turn to the web to access dealer Roulette.

Video Roulette machines

Land casinos are increasingly automating tasks that require too many employees. Compared to other games, live Roulette is the most labour-intensive casino game. There are the croupiers and their clerks, plus, you have to consider the amount of security staff. In real gaming rooms, security guards constantly check if everything is running according to the rules. Agents ensure that the dealers are doing their jobs correctly and also that players aren’t cheating. Faced with these high costs, many casinos are replacing their Roulettes with Video Roulette machines. In short, the gambling house reduces its number of employees by offering games in an electronic format.

Roulette game rules

The rules of the game are the same for Video Roulette and traditional Roulette. There are several types of Roulette; the best known are the American and the European versions.

In the UK and other countries worldwide, there are different versions of Roulette too. These French and English Roulette variants feature in prestigious games rooms. These VIP games are played live and feature higher payout rates than other Roulettes. Not all casino guides provide this kind of information!

For more info, the Roulette School guide reveals the game’s secrets. The Roulette School guide covers online Roulette in detail and gives you game tips you won’t find anywhere else.

English Roulette

The most played Roulette in the UK casinos is, of course, English Roulette 🙂
With 36 numbers and a Zero, you can only play British wheel live in a physical casino.

Are you new to Roulette and looking for an online casino to play the English version? Don’t waste your time; you won’t find it. The croupier must give you chips that remain at the gaming table, and the game takes place face to face with the player. Reproducing English Roulette on an online casino site involves complicated technical constraints. Thus, it’s not yet available online.

Video Roulette in land-based casinos

Video Roulette isn’t very popular in physical casinos. Table game fans prefer real table games and contact with croupiers. As a result, there aren’t many Roulette machines in casinos. Roulette lovers don’t like their favourite games relegated to slot machines.
Classic live roulette

Video Roulette in online casinos

Instant Play Roulettes are Video Roulettes from remote casino sites.

Although fans of the wheel prefer live games with croupiers, Instant Play Roulette is a big hit at British online casinos. You have to admit; Instant Play offers a fun gaming experience. In addition, there are often several versions of Instant Play Roulette to choose from on the most reliable Roulette sites.

In land-based casinos, unlike online sites, Video Roulette is shunned.

Online Live Roulette

Against all odds, there’s a revival of Roulette happening with human dealers at online casinos. And, it’s all thanks to Evolution Gaming’s know-how. Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and has put everything into streaming gaming rooms. In recent years, the group’s Roulette tables started featuring on many casino sites.

A grand live casino worth visiting is Everything happens through the screens of the connected players. Thanks to the powerful web servers of the Evolution Gaming group, 32Red casino features live Roulette. A camera system and professionally trained croupiers make Evolution Gaming affiliated casinos larger than life. online roulette

Evolution Gaming

Casinos with Evolution Gaming Roulette attract many followers, making it likely that Roulette will make a comeback. This company has set up a giant platform for online table games where a hundred Roulette tables host players worldwide. There are games from the Evolution group at 32Red games. Seeing what happens there amazes even the most sceptical of gamers.

History of Roulette

Between the 1970s and 2000s, casinos had great success with their Roulette tables. Unlike today, live casino gambling halls were packed with people every weekend. As trends change, 36 number wheels have become increasingly unpopular. The solution of replacing tables with machines is, therefore, a good solution for gambling houses. It’s a way of giving casino customers the possibility of playing Roulette without breaking the bank.


Physical casinos tend to remove Roulette tables from their gambling halls. As players have less and less interest in them, the cost of operating Roulettes is too high. However, the phenomenon of remote live games seems to be a game-changer. Since the 2015s, Evolution Gaming’s live streaming has made a strong comeback in Roulette on online gaming platforms. In short, Roulette’s disappearing from land-based casinos and being reborn on the Internet. This year alone, almost all UK online casino platforms are adopting Evolution Gaming games.