€13.5 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot Winner

On 24th December, 2023, as the world celebrated Christmas Eve, a member of Betway.com secured their place in history by clinching an astounding €13,528,145 jackpot! They won this gigantic prize, equivalent to over £11.5 million, on the thrilling Book of Mega Moolah slot. A recent addition to the Mega Moolah network.

Mega Moolah network slots are the most popular progressive jackpot games on the internet, and you can play them at most reliable online casinos.

Mega Moolah Network

Since its debut in 2006, the Mega Moolah network has evolved into a collection of over thirty captivating slot variants, each offering diverse themes and betting levels. However, the chances of winning the jackpot are equal, no matter which slot machine in the series you choose to play.

The recent record-breaking €13.5 million jackpot was achieved on the Book of Mega Moolah, a variant that has gained immense popularity on platforms like Betway.com.

Jackpot Winner

The fortunate winner, who unsurprisingly chose to remain anonymous, made a mere bet of €20 to unlock the life-changing jackpot. While the winner’s country remains a mystery, the staggering win emphasises the potential for extraordinary fortunes hidden within Mega Moolah’s reels.

We’ll update this article if there’s any info released about the lucky player by the Games Global group.

Betting Heights

Mega Moolah progressive slots are perfect for a wide range of players, with bets starting from a mere 10 pence to a thrilling £200 per spin. The original 2006 slot, featuring the iconic Lion, remains a crowd favourite among UK online casinos, with betting heights ranging from 25 pence to £6.25 per spin. Notably, this classic slot has consistently produced the highest record jackpots.

The majority of players on Mega Moolah slot machines bet £1 per spin. This size of wager does offer chances of winning the jackpot, but for the best odds, you need to bet big on each spin. In fact, Mega Moolah games favour winnings when bets are set high.

Record-Breaking Jackpots

The Mega Moolah network boasts over 100 sensational jackpot wins from 2006 to 2023. Of all the game’s variants, the 2006 slot has seen the most record jackpots.

While the mega jackpot begins at 2 million, it steadily climbs with each player’s wager. Indeed, a fraction of each bet feeds the jackpot in play, often sending it to dizzying heights.

Below are the top 3 winning records; one winner from Canada and two winners from Europe.

  1. CA$20,059,287 – This crazy jackpot was won by a Canadian player in 2019 at Zodiac Casino.
  2. €19,430,723 – This massive jackpot was won by a Belgium player on the Napoleon Games website.
  3. €18,915,872 – This jackpot was won in 2018 and is one of the many record wins from Grand Mondial Casino.

Bonus Wheels

An intriguing feature of Mega Moolah slots is the bonus wheel, where the mega jackpot is unveiled. This wheel links to all slots in the series and has 4 pots:

  • Mini pot; starting at £10,
  • Minor pot; starting at £100,
  • Major pot; starting at £10,000,
  • MEGA POT; starting at 2 million.

As we said, a fraction of your bet on any Mega Moolah game feeds into the in-game prize pools. The pots reset after a win, ensuring that there are always opportunities to win substantial amounts.

Advice for Players

While Mega Moolah slots offer frequent winnings, hitting the mega jackpot requires a substantial amount of luck. Just like lottery games, it takes a hell of a lot of luck to win millions of dollars. Even if you only make high bets over a large number of spins, there are no guarantees.

Players are advised to set limits to manage expectations and avoid chasing losses, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience.