Online Roulette for Beginners

The casino wheel is in the table games category. French players love Roulette, but it’s also popular in English-speaking countries, with the UK at the top of the list.

Origin of Roulette

The first Roulette wheel in history was invented in France in the 17th century, by the mathematician Blaise Pascal. At that time, the game was reserved for the elite of the French Monarchy. It wasn’t until 1796 that the game made its first public appearance in the heart of Paris. The game was being offered in private clubs in the capital.

An easy game to understand

Casino Roulette is a simple game. Luck, of course, is the only factor that decides the outcome. This game works just like a wheel of fortune.

Roulette today

Roulette has remained as it was in the 1860s when it appeared at the Casino de Monaco on the French Riviera. In Roulette, the casino advantage comes from the “0” boxes. These rules are applied in both land-based casinos and online casinos. Regarding online casinos, if you want to play online, the UK Casino Club site is recommended.
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Roulette variants

There are three types of Roulette at the casino; American, European, and French. However, the French variant has the same layout as its European counterpart, and there’s a special rule when the ball lands on the zero square. This rule allows you to recover losing bets in some instances.


American roulette
American Roulette has two zeros: boxes 0 and 00. These boxes complete the layout of the 38 spaces. The double zero was added to increase the casino’s profits. The first wheels of this type were invented in Las Vegas in the 1960s. You’re less likely to win with this wheel! The fact that it has 38 boxes takes away a chance of winning compared to the European and French versions.


European roulette
European Roulette is almost the same as American Roulette. What sets it apart is that it only has one 0 space. In fact, this version of Roulette increases the chances of winning compared to the American one.


The French version is less known than her two sisters. However, it’s the most advantageous. This Roulette has a special rule when the ball lands on the zero square. In this case, bets made on outside bets (black, red, even, odd, miss and pass) aren’t lost. These bets can be recovered halfway ( with the “Sharing” rule) if made on outside bets. It’s also possible to wait for the next round and hope that the bet is winning to 100% recover the losing bet (“The Prison” rule). This zero rule makes French Roulette one of the most beloved for experienced players.
The zero box

Roulette tips

Knowing all of the playing techniques is a theoretical asset. However, you shouldn’t think that infallible tricks exist. Roulette is a game of chance, so staying alert is key. Even a math genius knows there are no secret tricks for taking advantage of the casino.
Tips and tricks

Word of caution

No casino game benefits the player, and no playing technique can beat the casino either. It would be crazy to believe that strategies can guarantee a win with Roulette, as the 0 boxes favor the casino.

Playing online

Choosing to play online instead of going to a real casino is a good option as it can be a hassle to go to a real casino to play Roulette. American and European versions are in the games catalog at an online casino, and these versions are the player’s favorites. Even in London casinos, Roulette is offered in an electronic format. Knowing that, it’s the same whether you’re playing at a physical or online casino in the UK.

Learning to play

Roulette is an easy game to learn. Also, you can read a lot of information on web guides or in books. Visiting specialized sites is one of the best ways to learn how to play since it contains all the info and professional tips. However, the most useful reference for mastering casino games comes from the collection of “Dummies” books. The Roulette book by Kevin Blackwood and Max Rubin reveals all aspects of the game.

The basics

The concept is simple; there is the wheel and the betting area. The wheel is used to generate a random result with each turn. To start, the wheel is spun and the ball is thrown in. Then, the wheel and the ball stop and a result is displayed. Finally, the game is paused to pay the winnings and withdraw the losing bets.