Terminator and Microgaming Games

Microgaming, a leading slot machine supplier, has struck gold with not one but two thrilling Terminator 2 (T2) games. These action-packed titles are taking the UK online casinos by storm!

The first instalment of the T2 saga is a video slot featuring 243 pay lines. Launched in 2014, this slot machine has been a massive hit for a decade, earning the reputation of a “HOT” slot ready to unleash big jackpots at any moment.

A recent addition to the T2 collection is the game Terminator 2 Roulette, created by Switch Studios and powered by Microgaming. Switch Studios has gained recognition for its innovative approach to Roulette games, offering players incredible chances to win big, especially with their latest creation, Terminator 2 Roulette.

Terminator: T2 Judgment Day

The T2 saga, starring the legendary Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, has become iconic in numerous online casinos. From the 2004 slot to the jackpot Roulette of 2023, these games have consistently amazed online gambling fans! It’s unsurprising, considering Terminator 2 Judgement Day is a cinematic success.

Play T2 Games

Of the most successful casinos featured on Legit-Gambling.com, the UK Casino Club is a remarkable choice for T2 fans seeking top-notch gaming experiences. Microgaming’s Terminator 2 slot machine game and Roulette wheel hold pride of place on this esteemed UK Casino Club site, making it a true reference for fans and enthusiasts.

Terminator 2 Slot Machine

The T2 slot machine, boasting 243 pay lines, offers a jaw-dropping jackpot of £220,000. To claim this impressive prize, players can bet £67.50 per spin. However, even with bets as low as 30 pennies per spin, you can still win substantial sums.

Terminator 2 slot machine

Terminator 2 Roulette

Designed by Switch Studios for Microgaming, Terminator 2 Roulette brings the excitement of a casino wheel with lucky numbers. During each round, 1 to 4 lucky numbers with win multipliers of 50x to 500x appear on the screen.

T2 Roulette

Betting on a single Roulette number can lead to colossal wins, with max bets of £250 offering a staggering payout of up to £125,000. T2 Roulette offers the same winning odds as European roulette, catering to table game enthusiasts and slot fans.


Microgaming is the world’s leading casino game publisher, frequently making headlines with its innovative titles. The iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator 2 are no exception!

Switch Studios

As for Switch Studios, a newer player in the industry since 2017, it has gained attention for its expertise in creating captivating Blackjack and Roulette games, including the incredible Roulette Mega Moolah. This game allows you to win a million pounds with just 25p bets!

Just head to Switch Studios Facebook page if you want to keep up with their latest updates.

The Opus Terminator

The Terminator saga from 1984 to 2019 has captivated audiences with its action-packed storyline. The first two instalments, Terminator and Judgment Day (T2), directed by James Cameron, remain the most acclaimed films in the series. You can watch these cinematic gems via various video streaming platforms.

  1. The Terminator, 1984, by James Cameron.
  2. Judgment Day (T2), 1991, by James Cameron.
  3. Rise of the Machines (T3), 2003, by Jonathan Mostow.
  4. Terminator Salvation, 2009, by Joseph McGinty Nichol.
  5. Terminator Genisys, 2015, by Alan Taylor.
  6. Terminator Dark Fate, 2019, by Tim Miller.

The big question is, is there a 7th movie in the works? Yes! It will be produced by James Cameron and inspired by the rise of artificial intelligence in the real world.

The Extraordinary Arnold Schwarzenegger

Beyond his Hollywood fame, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life journey is a testament to his conviction and self-confidence. From bodybuilding to acting and eventually venturing into politics as the Governor of California, he has left an indelible mark. You can explore the many facets of this unique man, including his strong belief in environmental protection, on his website.

Games Info

It’s essential to note that betting limits on T2 games may vary depending on the country and casino of registration. The maximum betting limits in this article are specific to the UK Casino Club, renowned as a benchmark for internet gambling testers in England.

As fans eagerly await more Terminator-themed casino games, whispers of a Mega Moolah version in the works are exciting the gaming community.