Using Comparison Guides

Casino web guides are useful tools for choosing the most trusted casino sites. Luckily, there are a vast number of them on the web! You can find your ideal, reliable online casino by comparing detailed reviews. Our Legit Gambling site ran a survey to find out more about the UK’s situation and the rest of the world.

Target your country

It’s best to consult reliable casino guides that focus on the country you live in, as each territory has its gambling regulations. In the UK, and more specifically in England, the laws around remote casinos. In other words, the casino offerings are controlled and regulated. Despite these restrictions, the remote gambling sector is experiencing significant dynamism. Our survey revealed around a hundred casino comparison guides for the UK. Some are reliable, while others, unfortunately, are best avoided.
Survey in the United Kingdom

Best comparison guide in the UK

After checking out what’s on offer, we found that only half of UK casino guides are trustworthy. One of the most reliable we’ve seen was the Online Casino Today guide in the UK, a site run by slots and table game experts. This type of comparison site is a real winner in England.
The reliable guide for casino gaming fans

Consult several casino testing guides

Try not to limit yourself to just one casino guide, as not all casino guide managers have the same skills or codes of conduct. Before signing up for a site, you should visit at least five casino guides. It’s the best way to get a broad view of the top-ranked online casinos.

Make a favourites list

Taking notes on casino listings rated by comparison guides is another handy trick. You could base your choices on a variety of beneficial factors such as:

  1. Focusing on remote casino guides reviewing sites in your country,
  2. Only using legal casino sites monitored by a Gambling Commission,
  3. Only choosing gambling halls with an exemplary reputation and honest offers.

Read relevant reviews

Casino guides go beyond simple casino site reviews. Typically, the most comprehensive guides allow players to post reviews about casino sites’ reliability – just like a forum. However, beware of guides posting fake reviews about online scammer casinos. Just seeing that offshore casino sites have positive reviews on guides like is worrying. Even though this guide enjoys a large following, it doesn’t mean all the online casinos recommended are reliable.

Authentic reviews

Are you looking for genuine player reviews? To our knowledge, the most objective guide is One of the strengths of this comparative guide is that searches return geolocated results. Besides, the opinions posted there are authentic. When it comes to evaluating an online casino, we haven’t found anyone that does it better than You can find the most played online casino brands like Leo Vegas Casino there. The reviews for this highly rated casino are off the scale.

Global Testing Guides

Some successful UK casino sites have spread globally. Therefore, you might find UK casino rooms listed on guides for other countries. This is the case for the well-known guide, Online Casino Tech, in New Zealand.
Remote gambling in New Zealand
England is home to the biggest international gambling sites. One benchmark brand is the Villento Casino platform. Home to the best online slot machines, this casino features on the most honest comparison guides around the world.

Avoid biased guides

People managing casino guides have full access to the content of their platforms. Sadly, some of these guides post positive reviews through fake accounts and nicknames. The dangerous part about these biased sites is the fact they recommend dishonest online casinos. These kinds of “scam sites” are run by operators in offshore countries. Top tip: If a casino site is offshore, don’t sign-up there! These remote casinos sites never meet the most basic standards in terms of ethics and fair play.

Blacklisted pirate casinos

Some casino guides work with online pirate casinos. If you don’t want to get ripped off, make sure the casino sites featured on the guide web pages are honest. In other words, check if they’re UK or European-registered. If they aren’t, take note of the dodgy casino sites, so you don’t accidentally visit them later. Only by trusting a certified online casino in your country can you be sure you are playing in a safe environment. The UK, like some European countries, strictly abides by the gambling laws of each country.

Iconic brands to look out for

If a UK (or worldwide) casino testing guide doesn’t recommend the UK Casino Club site, you should be wary. The UK Casino Club site represents the very best of the remote casino industry. Whether you’re in England, New Zealand, or elsewhere, this site is typically a favourite. It’s easy to recommend an online casino when it’s legitimate in over 50 countries. Clearly, any serious casino testing guide would recommend UK Casino Club online casino. The same goes for the Villento Casino site.

As a player, signing up with a reliable online casino is always possible. If a gambling hall guide doesn’t feature casinos with an exemplary reputation, move on to a different guide.