Tips for Trying to Hit the WowPot Jackpot

WowPot series slots feature a communal jackpot of over 2 million up for grabs. These online casino games have the largest starting pot on the entire internet. So, we took a closer look at the most effective betting tips that increase the odds of winning the WowPot jackpot. After reading our article, the WowPot series won’t have any more secrets.

WowPot Slots Common Jackpot

The WowPot concept’s strength lies in the mass of players placing bets there. The numbers are so huge because WowPot games headline many major online casinos. As a result, players from all over the world try their luck there every day.

The in-game jackpots on WowPot slot machines are constantly on the rise. This is because a fraction of each bet goes into the four pots of the WowPot bonus wheels. The biggest jackpot is a whopping prize pool of over £2,000,000.

WowPot Big Winners

Since the launch of the first title in the WowPot series in 2020, three lucky players have won the big prize. Among these winners was a record jackpot of £15,182,284 by a customer on It is the third biggest jackpot in the world ranking of the biggest prizes won at online casinos. The two biggest jackpots came from slots featured on the Mega Moolah guide. These games are the same type as the WowPot.

Tips that boost the odds of winning

Every casino game has its own rules. In table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, the rules are very different from slot machines. Indeed, even if luck is an essential factor in all casino games, betting values make the difference on some slots.

In WowPot series games, players who make high bets have an advantage over small bettors. Of course, players with small stakes can win coins at WowPot slots, but they can never have the chance to win the big prize.

Tips to limit the risk of losing

The tip for betting big on a WowPot slot machine could be the key to winning millions. However, avoid spending too much money on it! Indeed, even if you decide to play big, you could still lose everything, so you should never gamble beyond your financial means. A great way to limit risk is by making intermediate value bets.

Intermediate betting tips

Betting £5 per round on a WowPot slot is a good compromise. These betting heights trigger the shared bonus wheel of the series, equipped with four progressive jackpots. If you bet less than £5, you still have the possibility of winning, but your chances reduce drastically.

All titles in the WowPot series allow intermediate betting.
Still, each slot machine has a certain impact on your chances of winning. Indeed, the RTP rates of each game in the series show a difference. The same is true with payment frequencies.

WowPot Games RTP Rates

The title Book of Atem is the WowPot slot with the best return per player rate. The RTP of the game peaks at 93.5%. In addition, it is possible to win up to 5000x the bet during the game.

In terms of payout frequency, the Book of Atem WowPot game pays out coins at a rate of 29.75%. This means that almost 1 in 3 spins pays.

Book of Atem best RTP rate WowPot
Compared to other titles in the WowPot series, only the 9 Blazing Diamonds slot does nearly as well as Book of Atem. This is because this title uses the Megaways concept. Megaways is a unique system that tends to increase slot machine payout frequencies dramatically.

Sisters of Oz WowPot and max bets

To date, the WowPot games series has seven different titles. Each title in the network has weak points and strong points.

The Sisters of Oz WowPot title is the one that offers the highest betting options. You can bet £300 per round, plus there is a bonus wheel that only has 12 segments instead of 20. Quite frankly, it’s the WowPot game offering the best odds of winning the millions in the WowPot segment of the bonus wheels. On the other hand, you need a huge budget to get started, so it is better to avoid it. According to slot machine testers, this is far too risky.

Tip of the Max bet on the Sisters of Oz slot machine

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Going all-in may seem like a high roller method! However, the fact that max bets are the best way to hit a WowPot jackpot is worth looking into. Typically, if you decide to try your luck on the Book of Atem WowPot game, you should make max bets of £25 per round. This is the best way to trigger the bonus wheel. Then, a CLICK on the SPIN button of the bonus wheel is enough to hope to win the jackpot of over 2 million. For comparison, if you go for low stakes of 10 cents per round, you will never have the opportunity to win big. In short, it is better to play a few rounds with big bets than lots of rounds with small bets.

Budgets and limiting your bets

Before embarking on a slot machine that has the potential to pay millions, you should prepare yourself. A great tip is deciding on a budget and sticking to it.

On WowPot games, sitting aside £100 is a good trick. Such a budget means you can make four max bets on the Book of Atem WowPot. So if you lose, at least you haven’t lost too much. Admittedly, it might not be the best way to have fun, but it is a great tip. However, if you want to make the fun last longer, with £5 bets per round, you will have 20 chances of winning the WowPot jackpot.

Welcome bonuses and free spins

Welcome promotions headline casino sites, providing a free bonus on the first real money deposit. Some casino sites also offer free spins on slot machines. Although these deals may seem good, they are not really worth looking into.

Any welcome offer on an online casino is subject to terms of use. These conditions do not allow maximum bets on slot machines. In addition, you have to bet a certain number of times the spins and bonuses received before you can collect any winnings. In short, using welcome casino promos is not a winning tip.

As a new customer at an online casino, it is best not to use bonuses and welcome spins to ensure the odds are on your side. Instead, you can play directly on casino sites without needing a promotion. This is particularly the case at and, two online casinos featuring the WowPot series.