Why Are Online Casinos Based in Malta?

Malta, located off Sicily, is the only insular country in Europe. The country’s surface, an island, is only 316 km². With less than 500,000 inhabitants, Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world. Yet, despite its size, the Maltese nation is an essential address in Remote Gambling.
Malta’s economy is booming, and its reputation attracts web entrepreneurs. In terms of tourism, the country has massively exploited its resources linked to seaside holidays. They also have language schools for non-English speakers wanting to immerse themselves in the language of Shakespeare. As for online casino games, Malta became a trademark in just two decades.

Malta and global groups

When it comes to companies with global reach, Malta enjoys favorable taxation. Hence why large EU groups flock to the island of Malta. Online gambling operators base their headquarters among these groups in Maltese office complexes.

Online gambling and casinos

In two decades, Malta has become a favorite location for remote gaming providers to launch their businesses. Thanks to a liberal approach, the Maltese government has drawn web giants into the Internet casino sector.

If you are new to virtual casinos, you have probably seen Malta mentioned on many casino sites. Indeed, reliable online casino operators must display information about their origin on their web pages. You will see links to the MGA authorizations on the virtual casinos certified by the Malta Gaming Commission.


When casino sites have the MGA certificate, it means they are not only legitimate in Europe but also globally. However, there is a difference with UK virtual casinos certified by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission. Indeed, UK players must only use online casinos with UKGC certification. So if you live in the UK, you won’t be able to register at a solely MGA casino site.

Why Malta’s so attractive


Taxation is a determining factor for companies in several countries. For example, in the online gambling industry, many casinos are active in several countries, even on several continents. Virtual casinos benefit from less taxation by opting for Malta as there are tax exemptions for gambling businesses.
A 5% tax is levied on gross revenue from B2C games. Therefore, when players lose money at slot machines and table games, the Maltese State receives 5% of the revenue. Knowing that online slot machines generate billions in revenue yearly, that’s a vast amount of money.
In addition to taxes levied on revenue from virtual casinos, the Malta Gaming Commission (MGA) collects licensing fees from online gaming platforms.
Between taxes and license fees, the Government of Malta generates massive annual revenue. According to figures on official guides, online games represent nearly 30% of the country’s tax revenue. Moreover, the Maltese are not gamers, which means that the State of Malta generates its highest tax revenue from users abroad.


In Malta, online casinos enjoy a liberal and stable policy. However, this does not mean that anything goes! Indeed, when we talk about gambling, you can easily relate it to criminal organizations, but the reality is different. Getting an online casino license from the MGA is no easy task, and the guarantees are binding.


MGA Commissioners conduct thorough investigations into any application for a license to operate an Internet gambling site. The ultimate goal of the Malta Gaming Commission is to provide players with honest and verified gaming environments. So, when a virtual casino has the MGA logo, users registering at the gaming room know they are in a legal and reliable space.
Since 2001, the ultimate goal of MGA has been to ensure fair transparency for online gamers. The Authority fights against crime, corruption, and money laundering by protecting vulnerable players.
The MGA was one of the first regulators in the world to propose legislation on the activity of real money online gambling companies. As a result, a set of laws, regulations, and guidelines govern the industry globally.
In 2004, Malta became the first member state of the European Union to adopt comprehensive remote gambling legislation. As a result, industry players consider Malta one of the world’s most trusted jurisdictions.
To find out more details, head to Mga.org.mt.


Are online casinos based in Malta safe?
Yes, compared to other remote gambling commissions, MGA online casinos are the most reliable worldwide.
Is it difficult to get a casino license in Malta?
Yes, the requirements are strict and difficult to achieve.
What are the most iconic casino sites?
Among the many virtual casinos in Malta, there are a few models worth following. Grand Mondial, Spin Casino and Yukon Gold Casino are flagship casinos globally. In Luxembourg alone, these three gambling sites are the most popular in Europe.

Author’s note

Setting up an online casino is not simple in terms of laws and financial guarantees. Compared to the UK, obtaining Malta’s agreement to operate an online casino is full of hurdles. Launching a business in the field of virtual casinos is like wanting to open a real casino. In short, you must know all the ins and outs to be at the head of a trusted online casino.