Smartphones and Online Casino Games

Since 2007, the smartphone has been transforming the online casino industry. When the 1st iPhone came out on June 11, 2007, it marked the beginning of digitalization in many sectors. Before 2007 people mainly played at online casinos from computers. Today, almost 75% of online players use a smartphone to have fun on the internet at the expense of computers.

Easy to use smartphones

From 2007 to date, the smartphone industry has been at the heart of innovation. And it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. Since 2014, over a billion smartphones have been sold each year. Their success is mainly due to how easy and functional these phones are to use.

Casinos operators on smartphones

The most successful online casino operators have implemented huge resources to become the world leaders in casinos on smartphones. These operators have teams of developers and designers entirely dedicated to managing mobile casino sites. Whether it’s iPhone and Android games, the most efficient mobile casinos are compatible on any smartphone model.

iOS and Android

Apple iOS smartphones and Android smartphones do not work in the same way. Despite this, mobile casino operators have set up web platforms that adapt to any model.

Games on Android Smartphones

What is the biggest challenge for online casino game developers? The Online Casino Tech guide shows that adapting casino games to Androids is the most difficult task.

The fact that so many different brands of Android smartphones on Android made adapting games to each scenario tricky. In addition, new Android models come out each year, forcing operators to ensure that their games are always compatible with each device. In addition, mobile casino operators must ensure their games run flawlessly on any mobile web browser.

Web browsers and games without Apps

Mobile casino sites mainly have casino games that don’t require downloading an App. Instead, these games without Apps function via web browsers. Operators, of course, offer casino game applications, but they are not as efficient as App-free games using web browsers.

Mobile game publishers

Online casino game publishers are at the heart of the largest innovations in virtual casinos. Yet, since the first internet casino games launched in 1994, only a few publishers have kept adapting to the internet’s technical requirements.

The most successful publisher is the company Microgaming, the world leader in creating online slot machines. On the other hand, several publishers are competing for the best table games. The two Swedish companies, Evolution and Netent, both Swedish, lead the pack when it comes to Blackjack and Roulette playable on mobile devices.

Live games against real dealers

One of the biggest innovations in mobile online casinos is live games against real life croupiers. For example, you can play Blackjack at games tables directly from your smartphone. The same goes for Roulette; you can play this classic casino game against real dealers via video streaming.

Network slot machines

Network slot machines are games with progressive jackpots to win. These unique games attract players looking to win the biggest jackpots at any online casino.

The games in the Wowpot series are great examples of gradual slot machines. These games, run by Microgaming, are compatible with all smartphones.

Iconic casinos on smartphones

Casino sites are specially designed to run flawlessly on iPhone and Android phones. To name only one, Villento Casino is a number one choice. Operational on all iPhone models and devices with the Android operating system, the Villento Casino site has the best casino games for smartphones. Villento’s casino games come from the Microgaming publisher, a famous company in the virtual casino industry.